Find a Psychologist

A psychologist is a professional who is qualified to assess, diagnose, treat, and prevent psychological and behavioural disorders. Psychologists use several reliable tools to determine whether an individual meets the criteria for a psychological disorder. Psychologists also use evidence-based strategies and therapies to treat that disorder and prevent it from re-occurring. Psychologists are also trained to use a variety of approaches directed toward enhancing and maintaining intellectual, physical, social, and interpersonal functioning.

As you can see from the listings in this directory, Psychologists work in many settings including hospitals, social service agencies, schools, and in their own private practices.

To be qualified as a Psychologist in Ontario, an individual must complete graduate level coursework, pass several exams, and become registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO). The CPO ensures that Psychologists practice using the most well-researched, ethical, and culturally appropriate approaches within their area of expertise or “competence” and with the population with which they are qualified to work.

The populations in which Psychologists can work include; children, adolescents, adults or seniors, families, couples or organizations. These boundaries are set with general conventions within the province. Normally, a child is 0-13 years old, an adolescent is 13-19 years old, adults are 20-64 years old, and a senior is 65+ years old. Psychologists can also be registered to work with adult couples or families.

This Psychologist Directory is organized according to these populations. As you start looking for a Psychologist, you may notice that some professionals work with with multiple age groups while others do not. When you are looking for a psychologist, please consider what population that person is able to work with and within which competency they are qualified to practice.